Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TONYMOLY Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream SPF37

BB cream - blemish balm, beauty balm, … moisturizer, foundation, concealer, sunscreen, primer, skin treatment.

I have never been a fan of BB creams. They were a huge thing a while ago, now you have all those CC creams, DD creams and maybe even ZZ creams (if not, they will come soon). 

This is the first one I have ever tried. It was just a random purchase on Ebay. Since Korean beauty products are so popular now I wanted to try some of them. I bought this Best Seller 3 Item Sample kit. And I am glad I did.

Firstly, it smells very nice. In no way I can describe the scent, but it might remind me of flowers. Anyway, the scent is very pleasant. About coverage, I have freckles on my face and it covers them just a tiny bit. Since I like them to be seen, I don’t like full coverage foundations. So this BB cream works perfect for me. As you can see at photo below it did cover my birthmark on my hand.  Colourwise it is great. I tried it with no tan and it matched me well. Now I am a little bit tanned (with means I am still pale) and it matches me as well. I don’t see any shade number on it, so I guess it is only one. Though I am not sure if it would match darker skin tones. It looks very natural on my skin and lasts pretty much all day. I haven’t noticed any changes of how it looks on my skin after hours of wearing it. It doesn’t disappear from my skin and doesn’t move all around it. I have had no problems with skin irritation or breaking out. 

I do recommend it since it was not expensive and definitely worth it. 

Have you tried it? Have you tried any Korean beauty products you would recommend? Leave a comment below :)

See you in next post.

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