Monday, March 31, 2014

What would I wear with: Colour-block dress

            Another outfit from my fashion series. Today I chose colour-block dress that I imagine to wear for work or any festive occasion. I do not wear dresses very often, they are usually for more important events in my case. Nothing more to say, just take a look on my collage and see how I style them :)
             If you are interested in checking my first look of the series, here is the link.

More info about clothes on my Polyvore

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear readers ...

            I was thinking about writing a personal message to my readers. Of course, after month of having the blog I do not have many permanent readers. But I am very grateful for every one of you who read my blog and thank you for any kind of support. 

            Starting your own blog is definitely not an easy thing to do. I already know it. Learn how to use Blogger, how to customize it, how to use html code etc. I would have never thought I would do stuff like that. But I really enjoy it! :) Having your own little space on Internet among the million other bloggers is such a nice feeling. I am still learning how to attract people to click on my blog, how to persuade them I am the one they want to read and follow. Hard job, really. But the feeling that someone REALLY reads your blog and maybe will come back is AWESOME! :) 

What would I wear with: Black leather skirt

           I am not a fashion expert. I just love combining different clothes and different looks. And since I have found out about the perfect website for making your own collages, I have became addicted. 
           I would describe my style as neutral, comfortable, slightly trendy. I do not wear every trend you can see in magazines or TV. I just pick those trends I like and try to incorporate them into my own wardrobe. My favourite colours are black, white, grey and beige. I am a neutral kind of girl :) But I still have many colourful pieces. I just do not like mixing a few of them together. Usually I pick one colourful piece and the rest is neutral. I need some kind of balance and I do not like looking like parrot (that is how I feel in colours). It does not suit me and my personality. But I really admire people who can rock colours all over :) It is a personal preference. 
Info about clothes on my Polyvore profile

Monday, March 24, 2014

Try & Share: Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting concealer

            Do you have products that you bought long time ago and forgot about them? That is exactly what happened with my Bourjois concealer. Back when I bought it, I guess I was not impressed or it did not suit my skin. But whatever happened in the past I am glad I rediscovered it in my drawer. Do you also shop your stash?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About me

     I am a 24 years old marketing management student. I like advertising, online marketing, social media marketing and in general creative part of my studies. I hate everything that has something to do with finance and economic stuff.
     As you noticed I was not born in any English-speaking country and English is not my mother language. I have learned English for about 14 years now. Long time and I still love it :) I come from a small country in the heart of Europe. I decided to write in English so it is available for more people all over the world.
     My blog is about everything I like and everything you like because I write it for you, guys. It is makeup, skincare, nails, hair, travelling and whatever comes to my mind.
     I do not really know what might interest you so please feel free and ask anything you would like to know in comments. I would be happy to write Q&A post for you :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Try & Share: MARY KAY Microdermabrasion set review

            I realized I did not include this product into my TOP 5 skincare products. I have totally forgot about it because I do not use this product everyday or every other day. It is a special treat for my skin once a week or every other week. And actually it deserves its own post.
MARY KAY Microdermabrasion set, 50$

Friday, March 14, 2014

My WISH list

        Just a quick post today cause I have a lot of other things to do. It is almost month when I decided not to buy more makeup or skincare products unless I use any of them up. I am doing great, I have not bought any, so this post is about "not buying but dreaming".
        All those products you can buy at This is not sponsored or affiliated. As blogger beginner no one is sponsoring me :D So do not worry, all those products are my real desire :) No advert. 

Collage done by

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Try & Share: My ZOEVA brush set

              I noticed that ZOEVA brushes are very popular these days on beauty blogs all over the Internet. All of them review the new rose gold collection that is so expensive, oh, I wish I could buy them. But I own a different set and here is my review.

            I bought my set like 4.5 years ago. Back in time when I started to be interested in makeup. This set was not the cheapest one, but I wanted something real and good quality to start with. So I went for Very Croc Set by ZOEVA (check website). It looked really professional, had a lot of different brushes and nice design. They had like 3 different sets of brushes at that time. And because all those Sigma and MAC brushes were too expensive for me, ZOEVA seemed to be the best choice.
            And I am not disappointed at all! I still use those brushes, although not all of them because I have found some great brushes elsewhere. These brushes do not have any number or names, so I am sorry for not telling you exactly which ones I love.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My EVERYDAY makeup products

          This kind of post is my favourite. You get to know about products people love and use everyday so they are verified and there is still a chance you will love it too J  I am gonna start right away cause I don’t want this post to be very long.
            All those products I use everyday, except those days when I just do my brows and undereye concealer and go to the grocery store :D

Sunday, March 9, 2014


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Friday, March 7, 2014

Try & Share: Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden palette review and swatches

          I was playing with my eyeshadow palette and while doing swatches and combos on my hand I thought I would do a review on it. Having all those colours swatched on ME it was perfect to take some pictures. I am really sorry for quality, pictures were taken just by my iPhone. I am not a photography genius and I am not really interested in taking super professional pictures. But I must say I did my best on lighting and swatches look like real colours J

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My TOP 5 skincare products

            Because I wrote my first post ever about skincare I am gonna continue this topic. I used to be more into makeup and not care about my skin, but things has changed. Getting older I started to care about my skin much more. I believe that nice healthy skin can provide perfect canvas for any makeup I do. Everything looks much better when my face is clean, spotless and healthy glowing.
            As I mentioned in my previous post my skin is dry and mostly without pimples. I have freckles on my nose and cheeks which I love and am not trying to cover.
            After a few years of intense searching and testing I think I found my BESTies of skincare. At least for now J
Here they are:
Collage done by
Sources of pics are on my Polyvore account

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Try & Share: LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Duo review

            This magical worker got to me via Youtube video of Tanya Burr. She did her 2012 favourites video and there it was! I don’t really know why I decided to try it, but back then my skin wasn’t looking very good. So I guess I was willing to try anything affordable.
            I should probably start with introducing my skin since it is my first post ever J  I used to have a lot of acne on my forehead since my teenage years. It even got into my hairline which was pretty annoying. Of course, at first I had gone to my dermatologist. I had used a few medicines which taken many years but nothing really helped. So I had gone to drugstore and started to try new products. Getting older I had started to use products by Neutrogena, Nivea, Clean&Clear and so on. I liked one of Clean&Clear products but unfortunately I have not been able to find it for last few years so I am not gonna mention it (and, honestly, I forgot the name of it, just remember the packaging). So back to my skin, it was a little bit oily with acne mostly on my forehead. After my acne started to disappear and because I am getting older (as everyone here) my skin has changed. Now it is dry all over and after washing it, it gets super dry so I need to moisturize immediately (I hate that tight feeling!).