Sunday, March 2, 2014

Try & Share: LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Duo review

            This magical worker got to me via Youtube video of Tanya Burr. She did her 2012 favourites video and there it was! I don’t really know why I decided to try it, but back then my skin wasn’t looking very good. So I guess I was willing to try anything affordable.
            I should probably start with introducing my skin since it is my first post ever J  I used to have a lot of acne on my forehead since my teenage years. It even got into my hairline which was pretty annoying. Of course, at first I had gone to my dermatologist. I had used a few medicines which taken many years but nothing really helped. So I had gone to drugstore and started to try new products. Getting older I had started to use products by Neutrogena, Nivea, Clean&Clear and so on. I liked one of Clean&Clear products but unfortunately I have not been able to find it for last few years so I am not gonna mention it (and, honestly, I forgot the name of it, just remember the packaging). So back to my skin, it was a little bit oily with acne mostly on my forehead. After my acne started to disappear and because I am getting older (as everyone here) my skin has changed. Now it is dry all over and after washing it, it gets super dry so I need to moisturize immediately (I hate that tight feeling!).
            Effaclar Duo (here) has a gel form and neutral scent to it. Actually, I like the scent. I am not gonna write any information about it, cause you can read everything on their website. I think my experience is more important for you.
            Ok, I LOVE IT. And I am not gonna stop using it while I am able to buy it. I use it only on my forehead because that is the only place I got pimples occasionally (very rarely on my chin, if so, I also use it on my chin, of course). One tube lasts me for about 5-6 months and it costs me about 13€ (I know it is more expensive in US, sorry). I think the price, quality and the fact it helps IS MAKING it my all time favourite skin product. I must admit it is a little bit drying, but I don’t have any problems with it. Maybe my skin got used to it or my forehead is not as dry as other parts of my face. Who knows, I don’t care unless it works J
            One last thing, I realized (or it might be just my wish) that it makes my skin looks more flat. I mean, less wrinkly on my forehead, cause I already have those lines up there that everybody hates.
            P.S. I also have Effaclar A.I. which is meant for local imperfections. It is stronger that Effaclar Duo so you are not suppose to use it all over your face. I use it only on the spot where I feel pimple is coming. It also does a good job J

            I hope my first post is not too long or too boring. And please, excuse my English, I am not from English speaking country, so have patience with me J

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Since next time,

Yours truly J

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