Monday, April 14, 2014

Try & Share: Foundation's little helpers

       Firstly, I am really sorry for not posting for almost a month. I have had some family issues to go through and was not in the mood for writing or anything else. From now on I hope everything will be better and I will be back with my blogging and all the things I love. 

Let’s go to primers. I have tried a few of them. I am not a big face primer lover, but I use them regularly. Why? Just because I believe they can help my foundation to look better, to minimize my pores, to make it last longer and so on. I took pictures of primers I have in my drawer right now. Some of them I have already fully used and trashed so they are not available for photos. But I have tried them, that is important, right? Reminder: My skin is dry with small pores. Rarely oily on my forehead.

BENEFIT POREfessional primer (here)

I have never bought this primer in full size, thank god. I received it as sample with my Benefit purchase a few years ago. That tiny sample size lasted me for years. I guess, it speaks for itself. I hated it! With my dry skin it does not work. Or maybe it was not because of my dry skin, who knows. Only primer knows. Once I spread it all over my face, it made tiny flakes on my skin like little particles of primer linked together. Hope it sounds clearly. For $31 I would expect more. So NO for me.
BENEFIT That Gal primer (here)

Well. another product from Benefit. I bought this primer like two years ago for the first time. Since then I have bought it once again. Why? I love it! Smells great, makes my skin feel awake and luminous and hydrates. That is exactly what I need. It is not meant for covering your pores, and I am okay with it, because it really works for what it says - brightening! And for $29 I am willing to buy it again. Once I am done with all other primers I have.

LAURA MERCIER radiance primer (here)

This primer was on my wishlist for a long time. Finally, I bought it like a year ago on Amazon while I was in US. It creates nice luminous effect on my skin and hydrates well. Mine is travel size 30 ml/1fl.oz. and it still looks almost full. Great, right? I do not remember the price I bought it for, but on their website it is $19.50. I can’t decide between this and That Gal by Benefit. Love them both the same!

ESTÉE LAUDER Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher (here)

$82, whaaat?! No way, I would buy this primer in full size. This one is another from my sample family. I love the smell of it, to me it smells like lemon or something similar. But I am not sure it minimize my pores. Nope, it does not. No miracles, just outstanding price. 

RIMMEL Fix & Protect Pro primer (here)

My favourite drugstore primer. It hydrates my face much better than other primers and creates flawless canvas for my foundation. With price of $7.99 you can’t go wrong. Just try it and you’ll love it! 

DERMACOL Satin make-up base (check website)

I don’t know anything about ingredients in products. I've got a lot to learn, I know. With this product I feel like it has some silicone in it. But I might be wrong so check it yourself, if you understand it. It creates a barrier on my face and that weird feeling, well, I do not like it. I am trying to use it all up and will not buy it again. For my dry skin, this is not working very well. It has that satin finish that someone might like. But not me. For 10ml it cost me 6.50€ ($9). For availability of Dermacol products check this link.

     Hope this post helped you which choosing right primer for you if you have dry skin as myself. I have never tried any primer for oily skin, so no recommendations for “oily” friends :) I am sorry. 

      P.S. Feel free to comment your opinions on primers you have tried and let me know if you have any great primers for dry skin :) Like my FB page, follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter.

Since next time,

Yours truly.

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