Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring favourite blushes

      Finally, I am able to write post like this. I never use the same products for longer time so it is hard for me to write favourites post. Yesterday I packed my makeup because I travelled home for Easter holidays. Going through my makeup case today I realised that I have favourites in blushes! I have been using them for past weeks and really enjoying them. So let’s check what they are :)

Stila Poppy, Benefit Coralista, Max Factor Soft Pink, MUA Blossom

First one is my oldie BENEFIT Coralista (here). Such an amazing colour with pleasant smell and cute packaging. Love at first sight! I have got this blush for about 3 years. I tend to forget about it because I have so many others, but I still like it after that long time. Those boxes of powder blushes are greatly pigmented and with a mirror. I also own Dallas and Sugarbomb boxes, if you are interested in swatches or pictures, let me know.

My only red-coloured blush is STILA Convertible color (here) in Poppy. This cream blush is perfect for summer to add that nice glow to your cheeks. But it is also great for winter time because it is not drying and add nice healthy colour to your cheeks. But be careful, you really need a tiny little bit, it is very pigmented. 

Well-known MAX FACTOR Miracle Touch creamy blush (check website) in Soft pink is my other spring blush. I have bought this blush like 2 years ago. I did not use it for a long time because I was not sure how to use it (yes, embarrasing). Then the huge wave of cream blushes came to the beauty world and I finally figured out how to use mine. And I loooove it! So fresh looking and glowing. 

MUA Blush Perfection (check website) in Blossom. It is a perfect natural shade for everyday look or heavy eye makeup. I love using it. It is so affordable and definitely worth it. No regrets I bought it. Perfect product for perfect price.

Swatches: Benefit Coralista, Stila Poppy, Max Factor Soft Pink, MUA Blossom
Let me know what your favourite blushes are this month. New recommendations are always welcomed :)

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