Tuesday, April 29, 2014

“I woke up like this” or My Makeup Issues

To explain what this post is gonna be about is complicated :D So I get straight to the subject. We all have our issues with applying foundation, creasing concealer, cakey powder, uneven brows and so on... In this post I decided to share my issues with you. Maybe you will feel better that you are not alone in it or we all together might find a way to solve our issues. Who knows, however I hope it will have its readers.

Uneven brows

Yes, I know that uneven brows are not a problem itself. They are sisters, not twins, I heard. But in my case, it is different. I got a tiny little laser thing done because I have had a birth mark right on my brow. I used to hate it, then I didn’t care about it, but after some time it started to complicate my life. This birth mark was little bigger than regular ones I have on my body and since I started using makeup and filling in my brows I got scared. Sometimes it hurt while using brow pencil or I scratched myself accidently. And we all know that birth marks are a serious thing. After removing it, I was left with a little scar and no hairs grow there. Now, I have to fill in my brows. But that scar is not picking any products so they will never look the same or similar. Well, they are unique :D 
How do I solve this problem?
I do not solve it. I just live with it.

Mascara eyelids

This one is a very common issue. We all have experienced it, but me.. I deal with it everyday! Whyyyy?! I am very careful with applying my mascara and I try to avoid transferring on my lid. But I never succeed! This makeup problem really makes me nervous. 
How do I solve this problem? 
I wait till mascara dries on my lids and then use cotton bud and remove it. It removes mascara pretty good.

Creasing undereye concealer

I am one of those “lucky” people who has fine lines under eyes since.. birth? Oh yes. I do not know what might be a reason. Anyone? But this is not all. I have dark circles around my eyes, again since I remember. It is not from any disease or not sleeping well, actually, I sleep pretty good and long enough. Yes, I am also asking why? But I had to face it and started looking for a concealer that is not creasing too much, cover my dark circles and last all day.
How do I solve this problem?
I have found good concealers that cover it, of course, not 100% coverage, but I can live with it. I recommend Maybelline Age Rewind dark circle eraser or Bourjois Healthy mix concealer (review).

Weird looking foundation

Have you ever experienced that weird cakey and unnatural looking foundation? That is what I am talking about. It happens from time to time and I hate it. I apply my foundation and it looks like a mask. I just can’t stand it. 
How do I solve this problem?
I started to use Urban Decay setting spray after applying my foundation, concealer and powder and it looks much better. It looks dewy. But my face by itself never looks dewy. Whatever. 

Eyeliner disaster

I know it needs practice, but I have been practicing for a few years! And my eyeliner is never looking good, it somehow misshape my eyes or I have to fix it a few times to make it look wearable. My left eye always looks great, but I am not able to draw nice line on my right eye. I am right-handed. 
How do I solve this problem? 
I don’t know. Everytime I do eyeliner I have to clean it and make it look better. Any ideas? 

Please, let me know what your problems are and we might together find a way how to fix it :) Follow me on Bloglovin or my other social media:

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