Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Social Media Thing

There is a thing.. It is really a lot of work to manage every social media I use. It is really hard to engage the attention of people, to attract them by my posts and pictures and engross their attention. Make them believe I am the one they want to follow and THE hardest thing is to make them subscribe. 
Subscription is really a goal.

Here are my social media ways to follow me and I would really appreciate any support :)

I inform about every new blog post on my fan page. It would really mean a lot to have you all there! 

Same as FB fan page, I let you know about new posts and I also post pictures from Instagram on my Twitter account, so you can check them in case you don't have Instagram account.

This one is my favourite :) I post pictures every day and I have started #30daysofbeauty a few days ago. So do not forget to follow me there and share your thoughts!

That is where I started. You can follow my blog and I will follow yours to see what your write about. I follow more than 100 blogs on Bloglovin and choose what I like to ready every day :)

It is my new favourite! I signed up a few month ago and since then I am obsessed! I love creating collages - beauty or fashion related. Check my account :)

She Said Beauty
Perfect website for a beauty junkie! So many information, blogs and tutorials at one place :)

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