Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's your summer scent?

Light, floral, citrus, fresh, heavy scent? Which one do you prefer during summer?

A fragrance during summer is very important. With that hot weather I tend to use lighter and fresh smelling perfumes. In general, I do not like heavy fragrance on me, I get headache very easily. But there are few favourites I can stand on myself. In summer there is a lot of days I don’t wear perfume at all. I just use my deodorant with nice light smell and that’s it. Currently using Vichy 48h Anti-Perspirant Treatment Roll on (here). But at night out you must smell great and delicious, right? :)

I have got just three perfumes I use regularly. I have two more in my collection, but they are not my faves anymore - too heavy for me.

First one is Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue (here) - my all time favourite! Such a light smell, great for hot days when you still want to smell appealing. I love that citrus smell so muuuuch (even though I read there is not citrus in it, but I can smell it!). It is such a young and sparky scent. I hope they will never discontinue it. I will buy it till I live.

Second perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine (here) - one of great perfumes by this brand. This particular one is sweeter than original Daisy, but I don’t mind it for summer nights. It is not heavy at all (according to my head, if my head can stand it, everyone can!) and I like its fresh floral and fruity smell. 

Last one is  my roll-on Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift (here). What a great scent, isn’t it? I absolutely fell in love with this one. Such a light and fresh smell! I bought it in Sephora like two years ago, then forgot about it and didn’t use it for a long time. But I am glad I found it in my old handbag! I am not sure if Sephora still carry this roll-on. 

Let me know what your faves are! Would love to try more light perfumes :)

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