Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mario Badescu Facial Spray all-in-one

Refreshing water and toner and makeup setting spray.. Whatever you want in one. With perfect smell and packaging you have it all.

We all love this kind of multipurpose products, right? I had never used anything like that before until I purchased this one. I was a bit unsure about the smell of roses. It hadn’t been my favourite like over a year ago, but since I bought this water I completely fell in love with rosey scent and love it everywhere! I don’t understand how this happened, but it did. 

This rose water with aloe vera and herbs is so useful in many ways that you don’t see how you run out of it so fast. I use it as toner and setting spray and also to refresh my face throughout a day. I purchased it like a year ago and still have something left. I hope I could find it on Amazon or Ebay, because Mario Badescu products are not available over here. 

I have already bought another rose water from different brand, but I am not very happy about the scent. It is a weird rosey scent, nothing like this one. But I will have to use it up and then repurchase my Mario Badescu perfect smelling rose water :)

Have you tried it? Or do you have any other favourite rose water? Let me know :)

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