Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear readers ...

            I was thinking about writing a personal message to my readers. Of course, after month of having the blog I do not have many permanent readers. But I am very grateful for every one of you who read my blog and thank you for any kind of support. 

            Starting your own blog is definitely not an easy thing to do. I already know it. Learn how to use Blogger, how to customize it, how to use html code etc. I would have never thought I would do stuff like that. But I really enjoy it! :) Having your own little space on Internet among the million other bloggers is such a nice feeling. I am still learning how to attract people to click on my blog, how to persuade them I am the one they want to read and follow. Hard job, really. But the feeling that someone REALLY reads your blog and maybe will come back is AWESOME! :) 

               I want to THANK those few readers from my heart! For following me on Bloglovin or Google+, reading my posts, liking my FB page or commenting. I would really appreciate your feedback, so PLEASE, let me know what topics you like reading, what products you want to review (if I am able to get them here, I will), what fashion posts you like and so on. I know that start is the hardest part of blogging, but I will keep my posts coming whatever happens. 

Yours truly :)

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