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Try & Share: MARY KAY Microdermabrasion set review

            I realized I did not include this product into my TOP 5 skincare products. I have totally forgot about it because I do not use this product everyday or every other day. It is a special treat for my skin once a week or every other week. And actually it deserves its own post.
MARY KAY Microdermabrasion set, 50$

            Microdermabrasion set (check website) is supposed to smooth fine lines, reduce pores and makes your skin look glowing and healthy. It is great that you can do it by yourself at home. And I love it! Because I used to have a lot of acne that healed and I was left with the light scars on my forehead. And these products helped!
            I bought this set about 3 years ago. I use it 2-3 times per month, I must admit I forget a lot to use my skincare masks or any other treatments. But with product like this one should not use it very often. It is not a face scrub, ok? I can really feel it is “scrubbing” my face and does its job. I just wet my face and apply product on areas I need it (usually just my forehead and chin). Then I massage it for about two minutes and rinse it off. It is enough. You can feel two minutes are too long for you. It is a personal thing. You need to try it. It leaves my skin really super smooth. First product of this set is exfoliator and then you apply the second one, it is like a serum or a moisturizing gel. With my dry skin I still use my everyday moisturizer after, because it can dry your skin a little.
            And results? As I said at the beginning, it helped and really works! My scars are gone and I never thought my skin would ever be so smooth J Exfoliator is really THE worker. It might be a little harsh, but the results are not coming just like that out of nowhere! It definitely is not as harsh as microdermabrasion you can get at your dermatologist with bloody looking skin. It does not hurt (that is a big PLUS for me!). Another plus is that I still have my first set. I have not repurchased it, yet. It really lasts a long time. And I am glad cause it was not very cheap. At US site it costs 50$, I bought it for about 70€. After 3 years of using it when my skin looks smooth, I use it just for keeping it like that or after weeks when I get more pimples and want to get rid of them completely with no scaring left.
            I hope this post can help someone with same problems I used to have. If you want to know something else about this set, please comment here or on my FB page. Feel free to email me at
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