Monday, March 24, 2014

Try & Share: Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting concealer

            Do you have products that you bought long time ago and forgot about them? That is exactly what happened with my Bourjois concealer. Back when I bought it, I guess I was not impressed or it did not suit my skin. But whatever happened in the past I am glad I rediscovered it in my drawer. Do you also shop your stash?

            As you can see at the picture I have the lightest shade – 51 éclat clair. I also love foundation, concealer and powder from the same Healthy mix line – Healthy Mix Serum foundation (check in my post), Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush concealer and Healthy Balance powder. I would describe this concealer as thicker one, easily blendable and with medium to full coverage. It reminds me of Healthy Mix Serum foundation, it is just thicker. I use it mostly for my under eye circles and it does a great job! This shade perfectly matches my skin and evens out my eye area. It has a little problem with my under eye lines, it creases a little bit. But I have this problem with every concealer I have ever tried. No surprise. Another important thing is the scent of it! Oh my, it is so pleasant and fruity. The whole line has that perfect fruity fresh non-artificial smell. Main ingredients are apricot for radiance, raspberry for micro-circulation and melon for hydration. And now I want to eat it! Perfect fruit bowl J
   It is available in 3 shades. I am not sure where to buy it, I have not seen it in my local stores recently, but you might be lucky and find it in yours. If not, you should definitely check Amazon or Ebay. I am almost done with it, so if you know where to buy, let me know :)


            There are days when I am not willing to put foundation on my face. Why? I am lazy or in a hurry. And this concealer works amazing in this case. I have tried it all over my face from 8AM till 10PM. No difference between this concealer and regular foundation. It covers blemishes and redness as good as any foundation.
             Hope you like it. I would like to add my own picture of how it covers my circles, but I am still not very sure if I want to put my face on Internet, maybe later, I am sorry. But every sentence I wrote is complete truth tested on me.

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