Friday, March 7, 2014

Try & Share: Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden palette review and swatches

          I was playing with my eyeshadow palette and while doing swatches and combos on my hand I thought I would do a review on it. Having all those colours swatched on ME it was perfect to take some pictures. I am really sorry for quality, pictures were taken just by my iPhone. I am not a photography genius and I am not really interested in taking super professional pictures. But I must say I did my best on lighting and swatches look like real colours J

            I ordered mine from UK website (check website) and it costs 9.99€ plus shipping. I think it is still very reasonable price for 12 eyeshadows in a nice sleek black palette with a huge mirror. I have 3 more Sleek palettes (Vintage Romance, Snapshots and Ultra Matts V2) and I use them all on daily basis.
            The eyeshadows are greatly pigmented, colours are absolutely stunning and wearable, yet you still have a few colours that can spice up the look and make it night out appropriate or bold or whatever you desire. If you don’t wear bold colours on daily basis you can still use this palette. I am also mostly neutral eyeshadows wearer, but I love using those bold colours as eyeliner. Is it not a great way for trying new looks? I just use some neutrals on my crease and then pop some green or blue or even red as my eyeliner. It looks amazing. So don’t be scared of colourful palettes! J
            So lets take a look on it!

Sorry for different lighting :(

            I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you are interested in review and swatches of any other Sleek palette I have :) If you like my posts, please like my FB fan page Thank you :) 

Since next time,

Yours truly.

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