Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About me

     I am a 24 years old marketing management student. I like advertising, online marketing, social media marketing and in general creative part of my studies. I hate everything that has something to do with finance and economic stuff.
     As you noticed I was not born in any English-speaking country and English is not my mother language. I have learned English for about 14 years now. Long time and I still love it :) I come from a small country in the heart of Europe. I decided to write in English so it is available for more people all over the world.
     My blog is about everything I like and everything you like because I write it for you, guys. It is makeup, skincare, nails, hair, travelling and whatever comes to my mind.
     I do not really know what might interest you so please feel free and ask anything you would like to know in comments. I would be happy to write Q&A post for you :)


Yours truly.

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