Thursday, March 13, 2014

Try & Share: My ZOEVA brush set

              I noticed that ZOEVA brushes are very popular these days on beauty blogs all over the Internet. All of them review the new rose gold collection that is so expensive, oh, I wish I could buy them. But I own a different set and here is my review.

            I bought my set like 4.5 years ago. Back in time when I started to be interested in makeup. This set was not the cheapest one, but I wanted something real and good quality to start with. So I went for Very Croc Set by ZOEVA (check website). It looked really professional, had a lot of different brushes and nice design. They had like 3 different sets of brushes at that time. And because all those Sigma and MAC brushes were too expensive for me, ZOEVA seemed to be the best choice.
            And I am not disappointed at all! I still use those brushes, although not all of them because I have found some great brushes elsewhere. These brushes do not have any number or names, so I am sorry for not telling you exactly which ones I love.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

            My most used brushes are powder brush for powder (obviously), angled blush brush for applying my blush, small buffing brush for highlighter and flat eyeshadow brushes (I circled all of them on the picture for you). The bristles are not natural what I like. I do not use the brush case just because I travel with a lot of brushes and this case holds just those few. And at home I store them in my drawer so they are not dusty. The brushes pick up the products very well, I never had any problems with apply to my face. The only little issue I have is that the brow brush has broken. But it was my fault. I tried to clean it but guess I was too rough. I must admit I am not the best brush owner. I do not wash them as often as I should. But somehow they still look great and the bristles do not fall out. Is it the good quality after 4.5 years? I would definitely say so.           
            On ZOEVA website it is 38€ now, I do not remember the price I paid after those years. But it might be the same.
            That is all about my ZOEVA brushes. If you have any question, please comment or write on my wall on Facebook. Follow me on Bloglovin. I really appreciate any support and feedback as beginner. Thank you! J

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  1. Compared to other (more expensive) zoeva brushes are much lower quality?

  2. I would never say that. As I wrote, I have them for about 4.5 years and they are still in the good shape, almost the same as in the beginning. I do not care about them too much, so they MUST be good quality because they survived :D definitely recommend!