Monday, May 26, 2014

Coming soon..

I know I was quiet for a while. I was very busy with studying for my finals, but I passed and finally finished my University! Woohoo..
Today, I prepared this special post for you so you know what to expect in near future on my blog. By near future I mean next week or two. Of course, it is a teaser so all photos are blurred!

.. Spring/summer lipglosses
I will introduce you to my favourite lipglosses for spring or summer. I do not stick with one colour range so it will be colourful post.

.. One brand review: Bourjois
Another post from the One brand series is coming! I hope you like them, cause I really enjoy completing my products from one brand and compare them.

.. What to avoid/look for in your beauty products
I have started to learn more about ingredients in products I use. I am in no way any expert, I have just read a few articles and will try to summarize them for you. I will also add information about what products I will get rid of after reading ingredients and comparing them with my list of undesired ingredients. Of course, if there is someone out there who wants to share their information about this topic, I will appreciate any comments! We learn all the time, right?

I hope this post made you interested in my following posts and you will come back soon! Do not foget to subscribe on Bloglovin and other places where you can find me and my new posts :)

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  1. Can't wait for the one-brand review on Bourjois, I have hardly anything from them and the fact that they are made by the same people as Chanel intregies me! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Bourjois is definitely a great brand with lovely products! There are some products I have already repurchased and will be until they make them :) Come back soon, this post will be next! :)