Friday, May 9, 2014

My Eyebrow routine

Not all of us are lucky enough to have perfect brows without doing anything. I am not even lucky enough to have perfect brows after doing something with them. I wish my brows looked like Rihanna's. She has an amazing face with everything fitting perfectly. Love her!

Today I decided to sum up all products I use for making my brows looking decent. I wrote about my brows and their disparity in my previous post (link).

First thing I do is brushing them with my Sonia Kashuk spoolie brush (link). After that I use NYX eyebrow shaper (here). It is a wax pencil that makes my brows stay in place. Great product. Then I take my random brush (I think this one is from H&M) and fill my brows with powder. This eyebrow powder set is from brand called Catrice (link). I didn't see it in US, but European readers might know it. It is German brand. This is my second package of brow powder. Perfect shade for me. I mix lighter colour with a little bit of darker one for filling my outer part of brows. For inner part of my brows I use only lighter colour. To finish it I brush them again with spoolie brush to set it in place I like.

I hope I inspired some of you and you will try these products!

Any comments, likes, shares or recommendations are welcomed and appreciated! :)

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  1. My eyebrows are pretty messy to! :) There is a big problem for me when it comes to fill them in!
    It is a great post, thank you for sharing!