Monday, May 5, 2014

Sleek MakeUp Haul | LE Del Mar palette & more!

I can not describe my love for Sleek MakeUp products! Every time they launch new palette or any product I am tempted to buy it. And usually I do. And I never regret it. It is never wrong to have good products for affordable prices, right? Right?!

So this time I purchased new limited edition (another reason for getting it!!) Del Mar palette with perfect summer colours. I am not a huge fan of bold colours, but I like to have them in my collection and use them from time to time. Even if only as eyeliner.

top row from left Lounge Lovers, Poolside, Sunset Strip, Ambience, Chilled Out, Blue Marlin
bottom row from left Opening Party, On The Rocks, Talamanca, Feel Euphoric, Balearic Beat, Paradise
My next product is Blush by 3 in Pumpkin. It is a great way to have three colours in one place and perfect for travelling. I was looking for nice orange and red blush and this is amazing! And having everyday pink colour with it is a win-win thing!

The last product is Pout Paint in Milkshake. I wanted to try this one because I hoped it is a dupe for OCC Lip Tart. I am not sure about it cause I have not tried it yet. Let you know soon!

Just a quick post today! Hope you like it and let me know if you have tried that Pout paint and how it works for you :)

Since next time,

Yours truly.

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