Thursday, May 15, 2014

Makeup Storage tips

We all need help with storing and organizing our makeup products, right? Who doesn’t. So there is never enough makeup storage posts or videos. I store all my makeup products in my small Alex drawer from Ikea. I have it for almost 5 years and still like it. Some of my small products like concealers or lipglosses are stored in random acrylic drawer on my desk. I bought it from Amazon for about $12. Today, I offer you my way of makeup storage and organization :)

I guess I start with my lipsticks. As you can see at the picture I bought a lipstick holder. Actually, I bought two of them, why not. After filling it with my lipsticks I found out there is not enough compartments. So I was forced to find better solution. What is better than empty candle jar? It fits all of my lipsticks. They stand there perfectly and I can see all shades better than having them in a drawer. 

I also use another candle jar for storing my foundations. I don’t want to store them lying in the drawer. For some reason I don’t feel it is a good way to store them. And having them on display I remember to use them. 

Next are my palettes. I have seen this way of storing them a lot so I've tried it too. And it is great! They are on display on my desk and you can store more than three palettes there. In one compartment you can fit two palettes, so six together. 

Brushes. I have tried so many ways of organizing them and was never satisfied. I love how they look on my desk, but I hate how dusty they get. Looking for better place I decided to store them in my drawer. No problems with this solution. I love this way much better. I like that they are protected and I don’t have so many things on my desk.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope I helped someone. I was debating if I write this post because there is no groundbreaking solution, but whatever. Someone might find it helpful. 

Any comments, likes, shares or recommendations are welcomed and appreciated! :)

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