Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Try & Share: ZOEVA Metallic stones palette swatches

Another ZOEVA product I own. Except this palette and my brush set I have already reviewed (link here), I have one more product. It is a mineral eyeshadow in pearly pink colour with shimmer. But since I do not use it because I have no ocassion for such a unique colour and finish, I am not about to review it anytime soon. You can check this palette on their website here.

This palette has so many special colours that make your eyes looking luxurious! I will add swatches right now so you can imagine many perfect eye looks for special or daily occasions. 

ZOEVA Metallic stones palette
First and second row of eyeshadows from left
Third and fourth row of eyeshadow from left
As you can see they are incredible. And pigmentation is perfect. No problems with applying your eyeshadow and you don’t need to re-apply it a few times to build an opaque colour on your eyes. Some of these colours are like no others. Unique, unbelievably special. Since I am not a makeup artist I am not adding any makeup look with this palette. Maybe later, once I get more confident being on blog. But I am sure there is a lot of makeup looks using this palette in action :)

Any comments, likes, shares or recommendations are welcomed and appreciated! :)

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